From Karen and Duane Dargis
Aughaloora, Kilnaleck
County Cavan, Ireland

Tony was a Gentleman, a Scholar, and most of all, a very Dear Friend.

He was always there for me, and I could always count on him (hopefully he counted on me too !)
He loved his dogs and worked very hard to give them the very best - be it Wolfhounds or Wheatens, all were loved.
I got to know Tony when I rescued one of his Wolfhounds in Texas and we started writing to each other about his dogs.
Killykeen Derek was a beautiful Wheaten male. I finally finished him in Texas.
My very first Wolfhound came from Sam Ewing, and the very first time I showed her she won Best of Breed. At that same show I met Virginia State Senator John Donovan, and he came up to me after the show to introduce himself and to tell me about the IW Club in Falls Church, Virginia. My husband and I became very involved with the club and got to know Senator Donovan well, and was able to help with putting on shows at his home, primarily aimed at training of both dogs and owners. John also wrote many books on Wolfhounds and stories about his beloved Ireland. Tony knew both Sam Ewing and Senator John Donovan well and had a great respect for both gentlemen. I later discovered from my father that Senator Donovan was the attorney for my parents, when they adopted me - a very small world.
Tony, in the meantime, sent us a beautiful bitch puppy named "Doona", whom we bred with Derek. 2 of the 4 puppies lived, being bottle-fed at all hours. They were Tristan and Doona II, who we also showed for a time, and both did well, but, sorry to say, the original Doona died giving birth. But we were able to continue with Tristan and Doona II.
Derek was later bred to another bitch, Aoife of Clearfork Kennels, and 4 puppies were born, 1 of which we kept - Casey O'Toole, who was also finished. He quickly did very well. By then, we had moved to Louisiana and had 6 Wolfhounds.
Everytime we holidayed in Ireland we would visit Tony, initially at his Lavey Cottage in Cavan. We knew Tony for 30+ years. We are living now in Cavan for 8 years. We would see Tony quite often when he moved to his large farm house, not distant from Lavey. He gave us several dogs which we loved and enjoyed very much.
The sadness in my heart is great. We miss him so very much - his charm and kindness and intellect, his knowledge, was so helpful, and I have such gratitude for all he taught me. I was so fortunate to know him. He was famous all over the world. He wrote wonderful books and recordings about his beautiful Irish Wolfhounds.
Telling a friend, like Tony, goodbye, is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do, seeing him both at the hospital and then back at his home, where he truly wanted to be. He was so very blessed with many caring friends who both helped to take care of him, and who wanted to see him just one more time.
I miss you, Tony Doyle, so very much and think of you often. May you sleep in Peace and see your Wolfhounds again that you have lost along the way.
Rest in Peace. Your legacy will go on. I miss you.
There are many stories and memories I could tell, some funny, some good, and some sad - but I think I will keep them in my heart and memories - memories of my friend, Tony.

Karen and Duane Dargis

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